Livestock at Everyday Farm


Grass-Fed Katahdin Hair Sheep

At Everyday Farm our sheep thrive on a 100% grass-fed diet, with minerals and water provided by us. We use electric fencing and a grazing technique called rotational grazing, which means we move them to fresh pasture every day or two. This way of grazing is the healthiest for our pastures and our sheep. Hair sheep shed their wool and do not need to be sheared, they are also very parasite resistant. Our flock is mostly Katahdin with some Dorper lineage, this year will be breeding our ewes to a pure Katahdin ram. Lamb will not be available until 2020.


Forest-Grown Pigs

Our American Guinea Hogs live the good life here at Everyday Farm. Rubbing on trees, digging holes to lay in and cool down, eating brush and clearing land. Our pigs eat entirely from one restaurant compost pick-up in town and brush from the land! They love to dig up invasive brush like sumac, multi-flora rose, bittersweet, they eat the roots and leaves, causing significant damage to the plants. We then go through and spread cover crops and grass with the hopes of some day grazing our sheep through that area. Pork will be available in the Fall of 2019, email us at