Poultry at Everyday Farm


Pasture-Raised Laying Hens

The eggs from our farm are laid by a flock of hens that live life the way chickens should. Their coop is what we call an egg-mobile, so it’s where the chickens nest and roost, but it’s built on wheels and has a floor that allows their manure to fall on to the fields. This allows us to move them to fresh grass and bugs every couple days, using electric fencing to keep the predators out and the chickens in. They are fed organic grains to supplement their diet. This lifestyle creates a bright, delicious, and nutritious egg while also fertilizing our pastures and being the pest management crew. Our chickens follow our sheep by 3-5 days to help the sheep stay healthy and parasite free. Our eggs are for sale The Upinngil Farm Store in Gill, MA, and Red Fire North Farm Store in Montague, MA, and at our farm on Saturdays!