The Farm Share/CSA business model allows us to work with and be supported by our local community. The consumer gets to have a close connection with their food, the place that it is grown, and the people that grow it.


At the beginning of the season the consumer purchases a “share” of the harvest, in exchange they come to the farm weekly to pick up their portion. This model helps the farmer by having money early in the season when the expenses are the greatest. Additionally, the farmer can focus on growing food instead of marketing, which makes it possible to offer food at a cost much lower than could be offered at a farmer’s market or retail venue. Shareholders get to experience the variation of local spring, summer, and fall veggies.

We offer a volume-based, farmer's market style CSA where every shareholder can fill a box with the available vegetables of their choice. This tends to keep everyone happy (Love kale? Then fill up! Can't stand it? Then don't take it!), and makes it easier for us as we don't need to bunch, count out and box every share. We will limit some items when demand is high and supply is not abundant (such as limiting one head of cabbage per share). Our pick-up takes place at the farm, creating a space where shareholders can connect with where their food comes from and who grows it. Everyone is welcome to hang out, walk around, meet the animals, and see the gardens. We are always willing to show people around and explain what we are doing and why.

What comes with the CSA model is shared risk. We always plant more than we anticipate needing for our shareholders. When conditions are good, there is a bounty available and the shareholder benefits. When conditions are unfavorable, certain crops may under perform or even fail. We try to ensure that our shareholders get a good value by planting many different crops. If conditions are bad for one crop, they are probably ideal for another.

Everyday Farm Vegetable Share 2019

Our summer CSA runs for 20 weeks in June-October.

Full Veggie Share: $550, pick up every Saturday 11am-5pm at the Farm (20 pick ups) June 1- October 12

Half Veggie Share: $300, pick up every other Saturday at the Farm (10 pick ups) June 1- October 5

Pick-up at 469 Main Rd, Gill, MA.

If you need to miss a pick up, then you can always send a friend to enjoy your share!

We try to include a large diversity of vegetables that can be grown in our climate. Tomatoes, peppers, chard, kale, green beans, onions, sweet corn, salad mix, summer squash, cucumbers, melons, bok choy, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, radishes, sugar snap peas, and so much more! Our aim is to keep people interested and excited by the diversity of vegetables and varieties that we have chosen. This year our pick-up will be located only at the farm, allowing us to set up in farmer’s market style where shareholders can choose the volume and vegetables for themselves. Shareholders will also get a bouquet of flowers from the farm with most pick-ups.

At least half of your payment is due by April 30th and the rest is due on your first pick up. Checks must be made out to Hannah Sol.


Vegetable Shares are picked up 11am -5pm on Saturday

Pop-up bakery at the Farm with wood-fired sourdough bread made Saturday morning by Jen Simms. Bread will be available for suggested donation from 11am-5pm. You don’t have to be a farm member to stop by and get bread!

Pasture-raised, organically-fed eggs will be available every Saturday 11am-5pm for $5/dozen. Anyone can stop by and get eggs!

Want to Purchase a Share?

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